About ALLIVE - Second Project of OK Jumpstart

 Digital Assets    |      2019-05-09


ALLIVE is an intelligent, blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem. At ALLIVE, users have complete control over their own health data, which can be analyzed by the AI doctor to provide a personalized, comprehensive healthcare management.


With over a million existing users from the traditional healthcare space, ALLIVE aims to integrate blockchain technology into building a decentralized, immutable healthcare system for people. In the last 3 years, the team has been building a general AI doctor and a comprehensive healthcare system based on three modules: Olive, Olivia, and Oleaf. The team has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare equity investment and healthcare technology. The team founder has invested over 300 million USD more than 20 healthcare applications. These projects will bring the first users to ALLIVE network after DAPP integration. Compared to competing projects, ALLIVE has stronger grounding and development prospects. ALLIVE’s strategic partners include blockchain tech moguls such as WanXiang Blockchain Labs and Ontology.

Project nameALLIVE


Total Supply6 Billion ALLIVE Token

ProtocolOEP-4(Based on Ontology)

Official Website:allive.io


Token Sale Price

Private Sale Price:1 ALV Token =$0.0084

Private Sale Supply:600 Million ALV Token

Initial Circulation

360 million (6% of total supply) - 300 million for OK Jumpstart, 30 million for community incentives, 30 million for private sale.

Distribution & Lock-up Period:

①40% Eco Fund: starting from the 4th month, releasing 1/12 per quarter for 3 years.

②10% Foundation: starting from the 4th month, releasing 1/12 per quarter for 3 years.

 20% Team and Early Investors: starting from the 13th month, releasing 1/4 per half year for 3 years.

④20% Strategic Partners: starting from the 4th month, releasing 1/12 per quarter for 3 years.

⑤10% Private Sale: releasing 0.5% upon listing, the remaining 9.5% will be released after 6 months.



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