OKX Vault Service agreement

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OKX Vault User Agreement


1 Overview


1.1 OKX Vault (the “Service”) is a Virtual Financial Assets (VFAs) storage service launched by OKX. It is designed, managed, and operated by OKX. To enable OKX Vault, you must fully read, understand and agree to “OKX Vault User Agreement”(the “Agreement”). Please read through all the terms and conditions carefully, before choosing to accept this Agreement.


1.2 Please note that you must not use the Service before agreeing to abide by the terms of the Agreement. In particular, by viewing content on, logging into, or downloading information fromthe Service, you acknowledge that you have agreed to abide by the terms of the Agreement.


1.3 OKX reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on OKX's website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes. Your continued use of or access to the Service following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.


2 Eligibility of Using the Service


2.1 You acknowledge and confirm that:


you have agreed to abide by “OKX Terms of Service”, and you are eligible for and not prohibited from using the “Services” defined therein;

this Agreement does not contradict with the laws of the country or region where you are from;

you are the legal owner of the VFAs you have deposited with the Service. The same VFAs are obtained from legitimate sources.


2.2 You are aware of the risks in using the Service, which include but not limited to technology outrage could happen, which may delay or block your use of the Service.


2.3 You acknowledge that:


You will not use the Service for any illegal purpose.

You will not initiate or facilitate any form of market manipulation.


3 Definition


3.1 OKX Vault: A VFAs cold storage invented by OKX with blockchain technology, including other auxiliary tools developed to facilitate users to use the blockchain system.


3.2 Excluded personnels:

(1) A person other than a natural person who has the legal and cognitive ability to create this Agreement; or

(2) Users who are prohibited, restricted, unlicensed, or unqualified in any form or manner, in whole or in part, by this Agreement, law, regulations or the jurisdictions the user located at.


3.3 Identity: the identity as identified with your public and private key pair.


3.4 Beginner's Guide: The guide and instructions created by OKX to help you understand the basics of blockchain technology before using OKX Vault.


3.5 Create or import safe box: the creation or importing of safe boxes after agreeing to this agreement.


3.6 Safe box password: The password you set when creating the OKX Vault. It will be used to encrypt and protect your private key. The password will not be saved at OKX's platform, and will not be able to recover once lost.


3.7 Alert: The alert or reminder or instructions for users to use the OKX Vault.


3.8 Specific users: the users who must comply with the laws and regulations of Malta and other countries to fulfill their personal information disclosure obligations.


3.9 Private key: Consists of 256-bit random characters. The key is owned by the user only and is also the key to use the digital assets.


3.10 Public key: created by using the same cryptography of private key and used to generate the blockchain safe box address, which is used for receiving digital assets.


3.11 Seed phrase: Compliant with the blockchain BIP39 industry standard, consisting of 12 (or 15/18/21/24) ordered words generated by a random algorithm. It is an easy-to-record expression of the private key, which is convenient for users to backup and store.


3.12 Digital asset: the VFAs that are currently supported by OKX Vault, including but not limited to ETH, TRX, and ETC.


3.13 Notifications centre: the inbox where users receive updates or notifications from OKX.


4 OKX Vault Service ("Service")


4.1 Creating and importing a safe box: OKX Vault can create or import safe boxes for the VFAs compatible. Users can manage multiple safe boxes at one place with OKX Vault.


4.2 Sends and receives: You can use the sends and receives features of the OKX Vault to manage the digital assets, that is, the use of the private key for electronic signature, and modification of the ledger of the corresponding blockchain. Sends means that the remitter uses the beneficiary's ENS domain name or blockchain address for the transfer operation, which involves a valid record of the transaction in the distributed ledger of the corresponding blockchain system (rather than actual delivery or transfer of digital assets via OKX Vault).


4.3 Safe box management: With the safe box management function, you can manage the created and imported safe boxs, such as viewing, backing up seed phrase, and delete.


4.4 Asset management. You can add, keep, or remove digital assets supported by OKX Vault.


4.5 Transaction history. We will copy all or part of your transaction history through the blockchain system. However, only the latest transaction record of the blockchain system should be taken as final and accurate.


4.6 Other services that OKX deems necessary.


4.7 Users understand and accept the services provided by OKEc:


4.7.1 Adhering to the decentralization of the blockchain, and in order to protect your digital assets security, OKX provides decentralized services, which is greatly different from bank and financial institutions. The user understands and accepts that OKX does not assume the following responsibilities:

(1) store the user's safe box password (that is, the password set when the user creates/imports a safe box), private key, and seed phrase;

(2) Retrieve the user's safe box password, private key, and seed phrase;

(3) Freeze the safe box;

(4) Lost safe box;

(5) restore the safe box;

(6) transaction rollback;


4.7.2 You are responsible for the custody of mobile devices containing OKX Vault, backup OKX Vault, backup safe box passwords, seed phrase, and private keys. If you lose your mobile device, delete and not back up your OKX Vault, delete and not back up your safe box, your safe box is stolen or you have forgotten your safe box password, private key, and seed phrase, you can't restore your safe box or retrieve your safe box password or private key or seed phrase; if the user mishandles the transaction (such as the incorrect transfer address, the incorrect mining fee), OKX can not cancel the transaction, and shall not bear any responsibility.


4.7.3 The digital asset management service that OKX and OKX Vault can provide does not support all existing tokens. Do not use the OKX Vault to operate any tokens that are not supported by the OKX Vault.


5 Rights and Obligations


5.1 Create or import a safe box:


5.1.1 Create or import a safe box: You have the right to create and/or import a safe box via OKX Vault on your mobile device, have the right to set the safe box password and other information, and have access to the OKX Vault app to send and receive assets on the blockchain.


5.1.2 After the new version of the software is released, the old version of the software may not be available. OKX does not guarantee the security, usability and support of the old software. Please check and download the latest version whenever possible.


5.2 Use of Service


5.2.1 You are solely responsible for keeping your mobile device, safe box password, private key, seed phrase, etc. in a safe place. OKX is not responsible for keeping the above information for the user. You are solely responsible for any risks, liabilities, losses, and expenses incurred as a result of your loss of mobile devices, active or passive disclosure, forgotten safe box passwords, private keys, seed phrase, or attacks, fraud, etc.


5.2.2 OKX Vault information prompt. You understand and agree to follow the information prompts issued by OKX on the OKX Vault, and follow the information prompts. Otherwise, all risks, liabilities, losses, expenses, etc. caused by yourself shall be solely borne by you.


5.2.3 Provide information and documentation. If OKX believes that it is necessary to obtain the relevant information of the user to comply with any applicable laws or regulations related to the use or operation of the OKX Vault, the user shall provide the information to OKX in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements of OKX, and the user understands and accept, OKX can limit, suspend or terminate your use of OKX Vault until you provide information that meets OKX's requirements. The user undertakes to promptly notify OKX of any changes in the documents and information provided to OKX pursuant to this Agreement, and in the absence of notice of any written notice of the change, OKX has the right to consider the documents provided by the user and the content of the information is true, correct, and not misleading and has not changed.


5.2.4 Transfer:

(1) You are aware of the daily transfer limit and number of tokens available for your OKX Vault, which may be different due to the country/region's regulatory requirements, transfer purposes, OKX Vault risk control, and identity authentication where you are using the service.


(2) You understand the “irrevocable” attribute based on blockchain operation. When you use the OKX Vault transfer function, you should bear the consequences of your mistakes (including but not limited to the incorrect address transfer due to your mistakes).


(3) You are aware that when using the OKX Vault, the following conditions may result in the transfer function not being available, "transaction failed" or "package timeout":

  1. a) insufficient safe box balance;
  2. b) insufficient mining fee;
  3. c) blockchain execution of smart contract code failed;
  4. d) Network or devices technical failures;
  5. e) The blockchain network is congested, broken, etc., causing the transaction to be abandoned;
  6. f) Your address or counterparty address is identified as a special address, such as a high-risk address.


(4) You know that the OKX Vault only provides you with the transfer tool. After you use the OKX Vault to complete the transfer, OKX has fulfilled all the obligations of the current service. OKX does not assume any responsibility for other related disputes.


5.2.5 Announcement: OKX Vault will send you a notice by means of website announcement, message center information, pop-up reminder or client notification, notifying you of the progress of the transaction, or asking you to perform related operations, please pay attention to it.


5.2.6 Service fee:


(1) OKX will not charge you any service fees or handling fees for the time being, and OKX will stipulate or publish rules separately when charging such services in the future;


(2) You should pay the “mining fee” or network fee when you use the OKX Vault to transfer funds. The amount is decided by you and is collected by the corresponding blockchain network;


(3) You acknowledge that your transfer may fail under certain circumstances (including but not limited to the “mining fees” or network charges that you paid for the transfer, or the related blockchain network is unstable); In such cases, even if your transfer operation is not completed, you will be charged the miner fee by the corresponding blockchain network;


6 Risk Disclosure


6.1 When using the OKX Vault, if you or your counterparty fails to comply with the instructions or rules of this agreement or related website description, transaction, payment page, OKX does not guarantee the completion of the transaction, and does not assume liability for any lost. In the event that the above situation occurs and the funds have been credited to your or your counterparty's OK safe box or third party wallet, you understand the “irreversible” nature of the blockchain operation and the “unreversible” characteristics of the relevant transaction. And you and your counterparts bear the corresponding risk consequences.


6.2 When you transfer the digital asset to another wallet address, you should judge whether the other party is a trustable person and decide whether to trade or transfer the funds to the other party.


6.3 In the process of transfer, if there is any notifications such as “transaction failure”, “package timeout”, etc., you should reconfirm through the official blockchain explorer or other blockchain query tools to avoid double transfers; otherwise, all losses and expenses caused shall be borne by you.


6.4 You understand that when you create or import a safe box in the OKX Vault, your private key, seed phrase and other information is only stored in the current mobile device, not on the OKX Vault or our server. You can change your mobile device by syncing your safe box or other similar operations by following the instructions provided in the OKX Vault. However, if you do not save or back up your safe box password, private key, seed phrase, etc. and your mobile device is lost, your digital asset will be lost and we will not be able to retrieve it for you. If you divulge, export, or back up your wallet password, private key, seed phrase, etc., or if the device or server that saves or backs up the above information is hacked or controlled, your digital asset will be lost and OKX will not recover it for you. Any and all losses arising from the foregoing shall be borne by you.


6.5 We recommend that you make a secure backup of your safe box password, private key, seed phrase, etc. when creating or importing your safe box. We recommend not using the following digital backup methods: screenshots, emails, notepad applications in mobile phones, SMS, WeChat, QQ and other digital backup methods. We recommend that you copy information such as seed phrase on a paper notebook, and you can also keep your digital data in a password manager.


6.6 We recommend that you use OKX Vault in a secure network environment, also ensure that your mobile device is not rooted to avoid any potential security risks.


6.7 Please be alert to fraud during the use of OKX Vault. Once you find any suspicious behavior of any person, please let us know as soon as possible.


7 Change, Interruption or Termination of Service


7.1 You understand and agree that OKX may, at its sole discretion, temporarily provide some of the service functions, or may suspend some of the service functions or open new service functions in the future. When we change the service, as long as you still use the OKX Vault, you still agree to the terms of this agreement.


7.2 You understand that OKX will suspend the provision of services or terminate the service completely if:

(1) Interrupt the operation of the OKX Vault due to technical reasons such as equipment, blockchain system maintenance, upgrade, failure and communication interruption;

(2) Due to force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power outage, war or terrorist attack, computer viruses, trojans, hackers, system instability or government actions, etc., making OKX not able to provide services or the continuing of providing the service will expose users or OKX in great risks;

(3) An adverse change in the applicable law or policy; or

(4) Other circumstances that OKX cannot control or reasonably foresee.


7.4 OKX may unilaterally suspend or terminate some or all of the functions of the user using the OKX Vault when the user:

(1) died;

(2) steals other people's safe box information or mobile devices;

(3) fills in false personal information in the OKX Vault;

(4) rejects the mandatory updates of the OKX Vault;

(5) uses the OKX Vault open source code in violation of the third-party open source agreement or OKX's rules;

(6) uses the OKX Vault for illegal or criminal activities;

(7) prevents other users from using OK safes normally;

(8) pretends to be the staff or management of OKX;

(9) attacks, invades, alters or otherwise threatens the normal operation of OKX's system;

(10) uses the OKX Vault to promote spam ads;

(11) spreads rumors that damage the goodwill of OKX and OKX Vault; or

(12) violates this Agreement, or is in any circumstances in which OKX reasonably believes that the function shall be suspended.


7.5 If OKX changes, discontinues or terminates the service, you have the right to export information such as your safe box within a reasonable time.


8 Responsibility


8.1 You should abide by the laws and regulations of the country or region in which you live, and do not use the OKX Vault for any illegal purpose, nor use the OKX Vault in any illegal way.


8.2 You may not use the OKX Vault to engage in any illegal or criminal activities, including but not limited to:

(1) Endangering national security in the country or region where you live, compromising state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

(2) Engaging in any criminal activity, including but not limited to money laundering, illegal fund raising, etc.;

(3) Intervening or attempting to intervene by using any automated program, software, engine, web crawler, web analytics tool, data mining tool or similar tool to access OKX's services, collect or process the content provided;

(4) Providing gambling information or inducing others to participate in gambling in any way;

(5) Invading other people's OK safe box to steal digital asset;

(6) conducting a transaction that is inconsistent with the transaction information claimed by the counterparty, or an untrue transaction;

(7) engaging in any infringement or possible violation of the OKX Vault service system and data;

(8) Other inappropriate behaviors.


8.3 You understand and agree that if you violate the relevant laws (including but not limited to customs and/or tax regulations) or the provisions of this agreement, causing OKX to suffer any losses, claims, or penalties by any third party or any administrative, you shall compensate OKX, including a reasonable attorney fee.


8.4 You promise to pay OKX's service fees (if any) on time, otherwise OKX has the right to suspend the services provided to you.


9 Privacy Policy


9.1 Any data or information you provide to us is also subject to our Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"), which is also part of this Agreement.


10 Exclusion and Limitation of Liability


10.1 OKX is only responsible for the obligations listed in this agreement.


10.2 You understand and agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, OKX can only provide OKX Vault service in accordance with the current technical level and conditions. OKX is not responsible for the failure of the OKX Vault to provide services due to any of the following reasons:


(1) OKX Vault system maintenance or upgrade;

(2) Force majeure causes such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, lightning or terrorist attacks;

(3) The hardware and software of your mobile device and the network and power supply are faulty;

(4) You use OKX's services improperly or without the authorization or approval of OKX;

(5) Computer viruses, trojans, malicious program attacks, network congestion, system instability, system or equipment failures, network failures, power failures, banking or government actions, etc.;

(6) Any other reasons not caused by OKX.


10.3 OKX is not responsible for any of the following situations:


(1) The digital asset of the user is lost due to loss of mobile device, deletion and failure to back up the OKX Vault, forgetting and not backing up the safe box password, private key, and seed phrase;

(2) Because you divulge your safe box password, private key, see phrase, or lend, transfer or authorize others to use your mobile device or OK safe box, or have not downloaded the OKX application through our official channels or not using the OKX Vault app properly, causing a loss of assets;

(3) Loss of digital asset due to your misuse (including but not limited to incorrect transfer address);

(4) Loss of your digital asset due to an inadequate knowledge in the blockchain technology;

(5) Due to system lag, unstable blockchain system, etc., causing the transaction records of OKX deviate from users'.


10.4 You acknowledge that OKX may provide services or related relationships or other related interests to you and your counterparties at the same time, and you agree to expressly exclude any actual or potential benefits from such actions that may exist in OKX, and you cannot claim that OKX has legal flaws in the provision of services, and it does not thereby increase OKX's responsibilities or obligations.


10.5 OKX does not provide guarantees in the following forms:


(1) The services provided by OKX will meet all your needs;

(2) Any technology, products, services, information or other materials you obtain through our services will meet your expectations;

(3) The timeliness, accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information on the digital asset market trading market retrieved by OKX from third-party exchanges;

(4) The counterparty on your OKX Vault will perform its obligations in the transaction agreement with you in a timely manner.


10.6 In any case, the liability of OKX for breach of contract for this Agreement shall not exceed the market value of 0.1 Ethereum; or 100 Euro, whichever is higher.


10.7 You understand that the OKX Vault is only used as a tool for users to manage digital assets and display transaction information. OKX does not provide legal, tax or investment advice. You should seek advice from professionals in law, taxation, and investment, and OKX is not responsible for any investment losses, data loss, etc. that you suffer from using our services.


10.8 You understand that in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, we may change our user access criteria from time to time, limit the scope and manner of providing services, etc. to specific users.


11 Miscellaneous


11.1 Non-transferable: Subject to the terms of this Agreement, only you (and not others) have the right to claim compensations against us for the use of the Services. You may not assign, trade, or attempt to transfer or trade your rights to the compensation. Any such transfer is invalid and we do not assume any obligation or liability to the transferee.


11.2 Intellectual property rights: OKX Vault is an application developed and owned by OKX. The intellectual property rights of any content displayed in the OKX Vault, including this Agreement, Announcements, Articles, Videos, Audio, Images, Archives, Information, Materials, Trademarks or Logos, are owned by OKX or third party rights holders. The user can only use the OKX Vault application and its contents for the purpose of storing and managing digital asset. No one may use, modify, reverse compile, reproduce, publicly transmit, alter, distribute, distribute or publicly publish such applications and content (including OK safe open source code) without the prior written consent of OKX or third party rights holders (or as permitted by the relevant open source agreement). This Agreement shall not be deemed to grant you any intellectual property rights, including any right to use any information, images, user interface, logo, trademark, trade name, network domain name or copyright in connection with us or the Services for any purpose.


11.3 No waivers: Any failure by us to enforce this Agreement or to claim any compensation from you under this Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of our right to claim any right or compensation against you.


11.4 Entire agreement:


(1) This Agreement consists of the "OKX Vault User Agreement", the "Privacy Policy" and the rules published by OKX from time to time (including the contents in the Help Center).

(2) In addition to the "OKX Vault User Agreement" and "Privacy Policy" in this Agreement, this Agreement contains all agreements and understandings between us regarding the use of OKX Vault and related services, and overtakes all previous (oral) and written agreement, understanding or arrangement.


11.5 Taxes:


(1) The use of the services under this Agreement does not include the taxes (“taxes payable”) that you apply, generate, and relate to in connection with your use of the Service in any jurisdiction.

(2) You are responsible for determining any tax payable and reporting, withholding, collecting, reporting and paying the correct tax payable to the appropriate tax authorities. You are solely responsible for all penalties, claims, fines, penalties and other liabilities arising from your failure to complete or fulfill any of your taxable obligations.

(3) We are not responsible for determining any tax payable and are not responsible for reporting, withholding, collecting, reporting and paying the correct tax payable to the appropriate tax authorities.


11.6 Legal application and dispute resolution:


(1) This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Malta and shall be construed accordingly.

(2) Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement (including any questions concerning its existence, validity, or termination) shall first seek reconciliation. If the dispute remains unresolved within 30 days of the commencement of the settlement, the parties shall submit the dispute to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and comply with the arbitration rules in force at the time of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (the rule is deemed to be incorporated to this clause by reference). The place of arbitration is in Hong Kong.


11.7 Independence and partial invalidity:


(1) When any part of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable by any legislation that is bound to this Agreement, it shall be deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable only within that scope (and shall not be further extended). For the avoidance of doubt, the remaining parts of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

(2) Under the laws of any jurisdiction, any provision of this Agreement that is deemed to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable shall not affect the fact that the provision is deemed to be lawful, valid or enforceable under the laws of other jurisdictions, and shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of other terms of this Agreement.


11.8 Translation of this agreement: Any translations of this Agreement, if any, are provided for convenience only and are not intended to be modified by the Chinese language version of this Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the Chinese and non-Chinese versions of this Agreement, the Chinese version shall prevail.


12 Others


12.1 You should fully understand and comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations in your jurisdiction and use of services.


12.2 If you encounter any problems during the use of the service, you can contact us by submitting feedback in the OKX Vault.


12.3 All users can view this agreement in the OKX Vault. OKX encourages you to review this agreement each time you access the OKX Vault.


12.4 This Agreement is effective as of December 31, 2018.

For matters not covered by this Agreement, you are subject to the announcements and related rules that OKX updates from time to time.


Privacy Policy


Dear users,


OKX respects and protects the privacy of users (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "users"). When you conduct the following acts, OKX collects, discloses and processes your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy"). :


(a) Enter or use our website or mobile application ("application") and services.

(b) Provide us with your personal information, regardless of the medium provided.


We recommend that you carefully read and understand the entire contents of this policy before using the application. Important information such as disclaimers and other terms will be reflected in bold form. The definition of keywords in this policy is consistent with OKX's "OKX Vault User Agreement". In the event of any inconsistency between the definitions or terms used in this policy and the OKX Vault User Agreement, this policy prevails.


By providing us with your personal information, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure (including transmission) and processing of your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this policy. If you do not accept this policy, please do not provide us with any personal information.


This policy can be updated by OKX online at any time without notice. The updated policy will be effective as soon as it is published on our application and will overtake the original policy. The revised policy will immediately apply to the personal information you provide to us. If you do not accept the revised terms, please stop using the app immediately and your continued use of the app will be considered as agreeing to the revised policy.


  1. What information do we collect from you?


1.1 We will collect personal information such as your mobile device information, operation records, transaction records, safe box addresses, etc.


1.2 You know that your safe box password, private key, and seed phrase on the app are not stored or synced to our server. OKX does not provide services to retrieve your safe box password, private key, and seed phrase.


1.3 We may ask you to collect more personal information from you so that you can use certain features on your app. If you do not agree to provide such personal information, you are deemed to have given up the use of specific features of the app.


1.4. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, OKX may collect and use your personal information in the following circumstances without your consent:

(1) related to national security and national defense security;

(2) related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

(3) related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments;

(4) The personal information collected is in the public domain;

(5) Collecting your personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, etc.;

(6) necessary for the maintenance of safety and compliance of services, such as the detection and handling of faults in products and services;

(7) Other circumstances permitted by laws and regulations.


1.5 The way we collect information is as follows:


(1) When you take the initiative to provide us with information, for whatever reason;

(2) When you authorize us to obtain your information from a third party;

(3) You use our applications and services;

(4) When you contact or interact with our employees through various communication channels, such as through social platforms, communication platforms, face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, mail, fax and correspondence;

(5) When you have a transaction with us, contact us or ask us to contact you;

(6) When you request to subscribe to our email;

(7) We copy all or part of your transaction history through the blockchain system. However, your transaction history should be based on the blockchain system.


2 How do we use your information?


2.1 We will collect, use or disclose your personal information for one or more of the following purposes:


(1) To provide you with the products and / or services you request;

(2) To handle your relationship with us;

(3) Promote your experience;

(4) Confirm your correspondence with your safe box through the unique serial number of your mobile device;

(5) Send important notices to you in a timely manner, such as software updates, service agreements, and changes to the terms of this policy;

(6) Help you to process your questions, feedback, complaints and requests through the safe box address and mobile device information provided;

(7) Inform you about our products, services, projects and activities;

(8) resolve disputes, investigate any complaints, claims or disputes, or any actual or possible illegal conduct;

(9) Conduct internal audit, data analysis and research of OKX;

(10) Perform user behavior analysis by tracking user usage of the application;

(11) Comply with laws and regulations and with the requirements of regulatory agencies;

(12) Comply with international laws and regulations regarding safety and anti-money laundering or counter-terrorism requirements;

(13) Fulfilling our obligations and the terms of the contract; and/or

(14) Any reasonable purpose related to the foregoing purposes.


2.2 If you agree, we will use your personal information from time to time for other purposes, such as telling you about the latest events, offers and promotions from our strategic partners or affiliates.


3 How do you control your information?


You have the following autonomy over your personal information in the app:


3.1 You can import your other wallet into the app by syncing your wallet, or import the app’s safe box into another digital asset management wallet. The app will show you the information to import the wallet.


3.2 You know that you can modify your digital asset type, transfer and collection activities through the “assets” section.


3.3 You know that you can choose to do the following in the "My" section:


3.4 You know that you and us have no control over whether or not your transaction records are public, because based on the open source nature of the blockchain trading system, your transaction records are transparent throughout the blockchain system.


4 We may share or transmit your information


4.1 We will store your personal information for business and legal purposes.


4.2 We will not sell, trade or transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent.


4.3 If you consent to the disclosure of your personal information to a strategic partner or related party, we may disclose your personal information to such entities. These entities will use your personal information only for the purposes for which you have agreed.


4.4 You agree that we may disclose or share your personal information to the following third parties:


(1) Service providers and data processors who represent us and provide services to us, such as KYC verification, accounting, data processing or management services, website hosting, maintenance and operation services, email information services, analytical services, payment Transaction processing, marketing, etc.; and

(2) Our consultants and professional consultants (such as accountants, lawyers, auditors).

(3) Members of our group, including our subsidiaries, holding companies and jointly controlled companies, including their respective contractors, subsidiaries, employees or representatives.

(4) Entities related to any financing, acquisition or dissolution procedures that involve the disclosure of some or all of our business or assets.

(5) Law enforcement agencies and authorities, officials, regulatory agencies or other third parties in order to comply with any law, court order, subpoena or government request.


4.5 If for the above purposes, we need to transfer your personal information to any other country, we will obtain your consent and ensure that the recipient of the personal information has the same level of personal information protection as ours. If there is no personal information protection law applicable to our relationship with you in these countries or regions, we will enter into a legally enforceable agreement with the recipient of the personal information.


4.6 We will not share or transfer your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, except in the following cases:


(1) The personal information collected is disclosed to the public by yourself;

(2) The personal information collected is collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports and government information disclosure channels;

(3) Providing or enforcing this policy to protect the rights, property or safety of us or other parties in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, legal procedures, administrative or judicial requirements;

(4) When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, if it involves the transfer of personal information, OKX will require the recipient of personal information to continue to be bound by this policy.


5 Automatic data collection technology


5.1 We use automated data collection technology in our mobile application. Such as:


(1) Cookies (or browser cookies). Cookies are small text files set by the website or application operator to identify your browser or device. We may use cookies technology to store and track information on our applications, such as the number and use frequency of users, user distribution, and online preferences of users. Cookies do not crawl information that identifies you, but the information they collect helps us analyze the use of the app to improve your experience. You can turn off cookies in your browser settings. However, this can affect the functionality of the app.


(2) Network analysis. Network analytics is a way to collect and evaluate web and mobile app visitor behavior. This includes analyzing traffic patterns, such as determining the frequency of visits to certain features of a website or mobile application, or to understand the information or services that are of most interest to visitors. Our application uses a web analytics service provided by a third-party tool.


6 How do we protect your information?


6.1 If OKX ceases to operate, OKX will stop collecting activities of your personal information and take measures to delete or anonymize your personal information held within a reasonable period of time.


6.2 In order to protect your personal information, OKX will adopt data security technical measures to improve internal compliance, increase internal employee information security training, and secure access to relevant data to protect your private information.


6.3 We will send you information about information security in the Notification Center of OKX Vault, and update the information on safe box usage and information protection from time to time for your reference.


7 Protection of minors


We make the following special agreement for the protection of minors under the age of 18:


7.1 Minors should use OKX's related services under the guidance of their parents or guardians.


7.2 We recommend that parents and guardians of minors should guide minors to use the application while reading this policy, the OKX Vault User Agreement and our other relevant rules.


7.3 This application will protect the confidentiality and security of minors' personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


8 Disclaimer


8.1 You acknowledge that after you access third-party web pages, applications or smart contracts, this policy will no longer apply to the collection, use, disclosure and transmission of your personal information by such third parties. OKX cannot guarantee that such third-party websites, applications or smart contracts will take reasonable security measures.


8.2 You will be solely responsible for the use of such third party websites, applications and/or smart contracts, and you agree that the collection, use, disclosure and transmission of your personal information by third party websites, applications or smart contracts will result in you If you suffer losses or damages, you may not ask OKX to take responsibility.


8.3 You acknowledge and accept that, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, OKX will be based on the current state of the art, based on the principle of “according to the status quo”, “according to availability” and “not guaranteed innocence”, to take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information to avoid disclosure, tampering or damage. OKX uses wireless network for the transmission of data, so OKX cannot guarantee the privacy and security of data transmission over the wireless network.


9 Others


9.1 You must fully understand and comply with all relevant laws, regulations and rules in your jurisdiction and use of our services.


9.2 The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute resolution of this policy and its amendments shall be governed by the laws of Malta, and international business practices and/or industry practices shall apply if there is no relevant legal provision. If there is any dispute or dispute between you and OKX regarding this policy, it should first be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party may submit it to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center. The place of arbitration is in Hong Kong.


9.3 You can view this policy and our other service rules in our app. We encourage you to review our service agreements and privacy policies each time you access the app.


9.4 Any translation of this policy is provided for convenience only and is not intended to be modified by the terms of this policy.


9.5 This policy is effective from December 31, 2018.


In the event that this policy is not covered, you are subject to the announcements and related rules that OKX updates from time to time.




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Step 2: Select Buy/Sell
Once you have logged in to your OKX account, click Buy Crypto in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to get started.
Step 3: Select your purchasing method
The next step is to choose how you would like to buy or sell . There are two primary options on OKX: Express and P2P trade.

Finally, simply confirm your transaction details.

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