Managing RFQs on the RFQ Board

 Common FAQ    |      2022-06-30

What happens if no one quotes my RFQ before it expires?

If no one quotes your RFQ before it expires then the RFQ status will change to "expired" meaning it is no longer available. This may be because your RFQ is more complex than any of our Market Makers are willing to price. Try splitting your RFQ into multiple trades, grouping similar instruments together or submitting an illiquid or otherwise difficult to quote legs individually. 

How do I view more quotes than just the top-sorted quote?

Clicking on the Maker name or the Quantity will expand the line and reveal quotes by Makers that may not be the most competitive ones. The platform will sort based on certain criteria, but for complex strategies involving multiple settlement currencies some users may find the top sorted quote to be less competitive than some others.

Why does the quantity, quote currency, and strategy say "custom"?

When trying to trade a unique strategy with elements that cannot be combined, either with multiple expiry dates or currency pairs, the platform will show your strategy as "custom" and reveal the details when the legs are expanded.

How can I re-submit an expired, canceled, or failed RFQ?

After your RFQ expires, is canceled, or fails to execute, a link with the text "re-price" will appear in the "action" column. This will recreate the legs of your strategy back in the RFQ builder for you to review and re-submit.

How do I quickly cancel my RFQ or quote?

There are buttons on the platform labeled "Kill" you can use to instantly cancel RFQs and quotes. "Kill RFQs", "Kill Bids", and "Kill Asks" are always visible at the top right corner of the RFQ Board. Also, after clicking "View Details" on the quotes of an RFQ, you will see the "Kill" button which can be used to cancel your RFQ. Finally, selecting the checkboxes on the RFQ Board in the "Action" column for any live RFQs will activate the "Kill Selected" button at the top right corner of the RFQ Board, which will instantly cancel any of your quotes or RFQs on those selected lines.

How do I know when my RFQ will expire? How do I know when a maker's quote will expire?

On the RFQ Board is a column labeled "Time Left". The value in this column indicates how much longer the RFQ will remain live until it expires automatically. Under the "Bid" and "Ask" sections, a light gray bar shows behind the values that recedes. When this light gray bar disappears, the quote it is behind will expire automatically. To see the actual time remaining for a quote, hover over this area to reveal a tooltip with the number of seconds remaining in that quote's lifetime.

I've clicked on "Quote" to quote an RFQ and in the popup window and clicked the "Submit" button, however nothing happens. Why is this?

The window that pops up where you can submit quotes will include the most recent prices from the order book. In order to confirm that you have reviewed and are satisfied with these prices, we require you to click on one of the price boxes before you can submit your quote. This is a check to prevent any pricing errors. We anticipate that in most cases, you will be making changes to the prices that appear at first.

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