OKX Referral rules

 Common FAQ    |      2022-03-24

1. Referral tasks

Referral tasks include inviting friends to make a deposit or buy cryptos at OKX. The tasks and rewards may be adjusted dynamically. Please refer to the task and rewards shown on the referral page.

Invite friends to buy cryptos or make a deposit at OKX

The inviter can get a rebate card worth 15 USDT provided that the invitee makes a deposit or purchases cryptos and completes photo verification within 30 days after signing up with OKX.

Buy cryptos: The invitee needs to meet the lowest deposit amount to get rewards. The lowest deposit amount is different for different fiat currencies and payment methods. The following is for reference only:


Payment method

Required amount


All payment methods




All payment methods





Paxful,Xanpool,Mercuryo, Moonpay,Okcoin,Advcash、P2P


Other methods


Deposit cryptos: The invitee deposits at least $100 equivalent cryptos with one transaction from other exchanges or wallets to OKX. Cryptos from OKX internal transfers, rewards, and purchases via fiats are not counted.

What is a rebate card and how to use it?
A rebate card can be used to pay transaction fees before expiry. After you use it, OKX will deduct the fee from your rebate card and return the corresponding amount of USDT to your Funding account the next day.


2. Upgrade to become an OKX affiliate

You can choose to become an OKX affiliate after inviting 5 active invitees. If you become an OKX affiliate, you can’t get referral rewards any longer but can get the transaction fee rebate from the invitees.
Active invitees are invitees who’ve completed deposit or buy crypto task, or had more than 5,000 USDT in trading volume.


3. Reward distribution:

If the invitee completes the referral tasks, you will receive the referral reward by 10:00am (UTC) the next day. You can check your reward on Assets-Recent transaction page.



1. Referral program is for primary accounts only.

2. OKX has a strict audit mechanism. Cheating behaviors will trigger the risk control system and make the task invalid. OKX will block the accounts that have serious cheating behaviors.

3. OKX reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of event format and rewards.


A step-by-step guide to purchasing and selling crypto on OKX,

Step 1: Log in to your OKX account
Before you can start buying or selling cryptocurrency on OKX, you must first log in to your OKX account. If you do not yet have an account, click Sign up and complete the registration process.
Step 2: Select Buy/Sell
Once you have logged in to your OKX account, click Buy Crypto in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to get started.
Step 3: Select your purchasing method
The next step is to choose how you would like to buy or sell . There are two primary options on OKX: Express and P2P trade.

Finally, simply confirm your transaction details.

Sign up and log in with the App to claim your Mystery Box worth up to $10,000