OKX will open the C2C trading platform

 New Listings    |      2022-08-08

Dear OKX Users:

Greeting! Today we are very happy to introduce our new product to you. Starting from 31st October, OKX will open the C2C trading platform to provide BTC trading services. With the record-high price exceeding 6,000 US dollars and the market value exceeding 100 billion US dollars, the blockchain technology behind and the limited supply of bitcoins make bitcoins a hot investment product in recent years. Digital assets become more and more popular. Users are eager to find a convenient, fast and safe way to trade the fiat currency and digital assets. Apart from high-frequency transactions in the exchanges licensed by government legitimate, most of the trading channels between digital assets and fiat currency are limited. The inefficient transaction, not-easy-to-understand process, fraud and many other issues are the reasons making bitcoin can only exist in the small circle of groups.

OKX launched an innovative C2C trading platform.

Users can trade between the fiat currency and digital assets from individual to individual. We believe this product can demonstrate the latest technology innovation, so that everyone is able to understand the digital assets and blockchain better.

The C2C trading platform is divided into 1) investment trading area and 2) open trading area.

  1. Investment trading area is a place in which experienced users can trade cryptocurrencies in a simple and secure way. Users can achieve asset hedging, asset appreciation and other investment objectives. Digital assets are strictly selected to secure every users’ investment. We use the cyrtos-in and crypto-out approach in the investment trading area.


  1. Open trading area is a place in which users with basic digit assets knowledge can trade between fiat currency and digit assets in a fast, safe and convenient way. We will introduce more digital currencies to meet the market needs. We also support the user's digital assets transfer and withdrawal. (Open trading area will go online soon. Please refer to the update form OKX)


  1. OKX – C2C trading platform has the following characteristics:

1. Market driven price 
The buy/sell ratio is calculated based on the OK Price Index (the average price from top 4 global spot trading exchanges) and the real-time purchase trend on OKX-C2C.  

2. Users enjoy zero transaction fees 
No additional charges other than the what users can see as the buy / sell price.  

3. Instant transaction 
Introducing Platform Service Merchants, AI technology based matching to instantly complete your order.  

4. Trades guaranteed by the platform
Our platform to verify Merchants and to secure your trades with 24 hours round the clock customer service. 

OKX-C2C is a channel to facilitate the exchange of digital asset and fiat currency with ease.  Having the flexibility to monetize profits made from token - token exchange anytime you wish.  In addition, it can hedge your risk in the futures contract market.  

In order to ensure the trading liquidity, OKX-C2C trading platform is actively looking for Trading Service Merchants.   Join as a Merchant to enjoy quality orders and the attractive margins.  Don’t miss the opportunity, apply now by sending your personal information (Personal contact number, ID card documents, short description of yourself, volume of digital assets owned and whether or not you have previously involved in digital asset trading) to [email protected]  We will proceed with your application as soon as possible.  

OKX aims to provide the convenient, fast and safe trading experience to our users.


OKX will provide more investment product, support more cryptocurrency and fiat currency in the near future. Please refer to the update form OKX.

OKX-C2C Products and Operations Team

A step-by-step guide to purchasing and selling crypto on OKX,

Step 1: Log in to your OKX account
Before you can start buying or selling cryptocurrency on OKX, you must first log in to your OKX account. If you do not yet have an account, click Sign up and complete the registration process.
Step 2: Select Buy/Sell
Once you have logged in to your OKX account, click Buy Crypto in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to get started.
Step 3: Select your purchasing method
The next step is to choose how you would like to buy or sell . There are two primary options on OKX: Express and P2P trade.

Finally, simply confirm your transaction details.

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