The Segwit2X Hard Fork Failure Handling

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Dear Valued Customers,

As the Bitcoin community did not reach an adequate consensus, the developers behind Segwit2X had decided to suspend the upcoming hard fork. Therefore we will trigger the Segwit2X hard fork failure handling procedure on the 21st November, 2017.

The details of the procedures are as follow:

At 10pm on November 21, 2017, we will freeze the token conversion between BTC and BT1/BT2. At the same time, we will no longer support the BT1/BTC and BT2/BTC trades on our platform. The price of BT2 will also then become 0. Users may convert BT1 to BTC based on the 1:1 principle.

Once again, we would like to remind you that digital assets are high-risk investments. Users should fully understand the risks and consequences involved in trading these cryptocurrencies.

17 November, 2017

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