45,000 USDT Prize Pool to Win: Buy APIX Now!

 Latest Announcements    |      2022-08-08

Dear valued customers,

To celebrate APIX listing, we are giving away a total of 45,000 USDT worth of rewards.

Check this page to participant

About APIS
The APIS is building a “Masternode Platform” to acquaint a wider audience with the coined term “masternode” and allow them to enjoy the advantages and benefits of a masternode.

Promotion period: 11:00 July 9 – 11:00 July 13 (UTC)

1. Exclusive Reward Only for New Users

During the promotion period, register via this page, complete KYC2 verification with a net buying volume(deposit+buy-sell) of APIX above 10 USDT, you will earn 20 USDT equivalent of APIX rewards.

Lucky prize: The first 20 participants whose ranking ends with a 7 (e.g. 7, 17, 27...) share 5,000 USDT equivalent of APIX rewards.

Total rewards: 10,000 USDT equivalent of APIX rewards

2. Buy APIX to share the 25,000 USDT Prize Pool

During the promotion period, users will share the 25,000 USDT prize pool depending on APIX net buying volume(deposit+buy-sell volume).


1st place, earn 7,000 USDT equivalent APIX rewards

2nd-3rd place, a share of 3,000 USDT equivalent APIX rewards

4th-10th place, a share of 3,000 USDT equivalent APIX rewards

11th-200th place, a share of 6000 USDT equivalent APIX rewards

201th-1000th place, a share of 6,000 USDT equivalent APIX rewards

3. Buy OKB to get more rewards

Users who join the first activity can earn an additional 10 USDT equivalent of APIX if their net buying (deposit+buy–sell) is 20 OKB.

Total rewards: 10,000 USDT equivalent of APIX rewards


1. Sub-accounts are not qualified for the promotion;

2. Bonus will be distributed to users’ Funding Account within 15 working days after the promotion ends;

3. Malicious trading, use of multiple accounts, or any other behaviors to gain an unfair advantage will result in the forfeiture of rewards;

4. In case of any dispute, OKX reserves the right of final decision.

Thank you for your continued support and we assure you our best services at all times.

July 9, 2020 (UTC)


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