IMX Special Trading Rewards Announcement

 Latest Announcements    |      2022-07-08

IMX Special Trading Rewards — for a limited time only!

The Immutable X community has started a special limited event: trading rewards for 6 weeks beginning on the 2nd of June! This is also a sneak peek for IMX daily trading rewards in the future.

How does it work?

IMX will tally your trades made in the Immutable X order book during the special event.
There will be a snapshot date at which IMX finalizes the total trading volume of all users’ eligible trades during the special event (details to follow).
Once tallied, IMX will distribute the rewards pool proportionately according to users’ trading volume. You will be eligible for rewards based on the proportion of your trading volume to the total trading volume for the period of this special event. IMX will announce the details of distribution and how users can claim their rewards with their Layer 2 wallets at a later date.
Rewards will be subject to an unlock period: 1/3 of rewards will be available immediately, with the remaining 2/3 unlocking over 6 months.

How to trade IMX NFTs on OKX NFT Marketplace?

ImmutableX is already supported on OKX NFT Marketplace. You can trade IMX NFTs with 0 TRADING FEE on OKX NFT to get a chance to share the rewards (except the royalty and protocol fee).
To view the IMX collection, visit OKX NFT Marketplace and search with IMX as the keyword. Before making a purchase, just make sure you have enough ETH deposited on ImmutableX for your desired NFT.
That's it ! Enjoy your trading on OKX NFT!
(Note: IMX is currently only supported on the web, please visit on OKX with a browser)

What is the cost of trading IMX NFTs?

Transaction costs are currently composed of three parts, protocol fee, royalty and service/marketplace fee.
Royalty fees can vary with different IMX items, it is set and collected by the creators.
And since June, the protocol fee has been activated by IMX official, it has been set at a flat 1% for the month of June, after June it returns to the regular 2%. The protocol fee is collected by IMX official, it’s a simple exchange fee on transactions, paid in the currency of the trade. Part of this fee is allocated to Immutable X, and part to the $IMX staking rewards pool.
The service/marketplace fee is simply collected by platforms, and you can trade IMX NFTs with 0 TRADING FEE on OKXNFT to get a chance to share the rewards!
The contrast of transaction fees for trading Illuvium Land between IMX and OKXNFT

Who’s eligible for rewards?

You need to trade NFTs within the Immutable X protocol. Only trades starting 2nd June 2022 6:00 AM PST // 2nd June 2022 11:00 PM AET, AND before the snapshot date will count (snapshot date to follow)
Only trades of NFT collections in the Immutable X open order book will count towards the tally and rewards. (i.e. some collections, based on technical limitations, are not counted, collections on OKXNFT Marketplace are all counted). Amounts paid for fees also count towards the volume tracked.

What rewards are up for grabs? 

A total of 1,600,000 $IMX tokens (at the time of writing worth ~2,000,000 USD*) will be distributed proportionally, based on points earned.
Happy trading!
For any questions, please contact the IMX support team.
*Based on a 30-day VWAP
July. 07, 2022

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Step 2: Select Buy/Sell
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Step 3: Select your purchasing method
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Finally, simply confirm your transaction details.

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