Announcing OKX’s “Chain Split Token” Scheme

 New Listings    |      2022-08-08

Dear Valued Customers,

Ever since Bitcoin Cash was activated, the Bitcoin developer community has been constantly improving the Bitcoin network. It is expected that there will be up to seven Bitcoin hard forks this December.

OKX would like to reiterate that we are dedicated to promote Bitcoin usage, and that we strive to provide the best services to our customers. Therefore, we will support all major Bitcoin technical development roadmaps and respect our customers’ choices.

OKX is pleased to launch the “Chain Split Token” scheme. Details are as follow:

1. OKX will take a snapshot of users’ account every time a BTC hard fork occurs (at the predetermined block height), if the hard fork supports replay protection and proper splitting.

2. OKX will support BTC hard fork token withdrawals when our wallet is ready and when the hard fork Blockchain can prevent replay attacks. Users can decide how to dispose of the hard fork tokens.

3. OKX will decide whether to allow trading of the hard fork token depending on market factors.

4. Hard fork tokens will be dispensed according to users’ BTC account balance during a snapshot. Spot accounts will be issued tokens based on the BTC balance. C2C accounts will be issued tokens based on the available BTC balance. Futures accounts will be issued tokens based on the account equity (Account equity = Margin Amount + Realized Profit and Loss + Unrealized Profit and Loss).

5. OKX will not support forks that do not distribute tokens proportionately to existing BTC holders. OKX’s cold wallet is secured by layers of protection that prevents frequent transfers. If you wish to receive such forked token, please withdraw your BTC to another platform.

OKX friendly reminder: Digital assets are high-risk investments and users should fully understand the risks and consequences prior to trading.

OKX will continue to provide the best products and services to our users.

11 December 2017

A step-by-step guide to purchasing and selling crypto on OKX,

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Step 3: Select your purchasing method
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Finally, simply confirm your transaction details.

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