Oneroot Network(RNT)

 Digital Assets    |      2018-03-27

Basic Information
English name of Token: Oneroot Network
Ticker of Token: RNT
Chinese name of Token: 共建者计划
Country of Incorporation: Singapore
Investors: N/A
Industry&Facts & figures: ROOTOKEN APP,Download Users 2000+.

ONEROOT Project brings together the tangible and intangible resources inside and outside the industry. In the process of optimizing and integrating resources, ONEROOT extends the idea of a shared economy and separates the right to use and the ownership of resources, and proposes the concept of a distributed business engine. With the help of blockchain technology, the co-builders can digitize the right to use resources, including software, hardware, manpower, etc., and establish transparent value exchange and cooperation rules, which greatly improve the resource utilization efficiency. In addition, participants have established a new cooperative relationship based on equal cooperation and common development, which has significant advantages compared with the traditional business model dominated by centralized entities.

ICO details:
Total available supply:400,000,000 RNT
Tokens in circulation: 185,501,579 RNT(2018/1/30)

Pre-sale start date: 2017/11/28
Pre-sale amount: 29000 ETH
Pre-sale price:1ETH=5290 RNT(¥0.56)

Public sale start date: 2017/12/5
Public sale amount: 1000 ETH
Public sale price: 1 ETH=5290 RNT(¥0.56)

Token distribution:
37.5%:Public offering, extra 15% tokens were given during the white list presale period.
7.5% :Early investors, locked for three months.
15%:Community promotion and encouragement, including additional tokens given during the crowdfunding period.
22%:Community building, held by foundation.
18%:Held by teams, locked for one year.

Other Information
Official site:

This document is compiled from the official whitepaper and relevant documents provided by the token team, to provide investors an overview of the token. The information in this document is collected through formal legal channels. We make every effort to provide complete and accurate information. However, we do not guarantee accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequencing of the information. This information is not to be regarded as investment advice, or legal proof, or evidence.

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