SunContract (SNC)

 Digital Assets    |      2018-01-17

Basic information

English name of project: SunContract
Chinese name of project: /
Ticker of Token: SNC
Country of Project Incorporation: Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
Prominent investors: /
Focused industry: Energy sector
SunContract is an energy-trading platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a new business model for buying and selling electricity. SunContract Platform will use existing grid and optimize current operations that are costly and inefficient. User-friendly applications will be developed to secure mainstream adoption of our service.

Facts & figures surrounding adoption:
Projections in figure 1 show that in 2015 roughly 15% of the total power generated in the USA was from wind and solar power. By 2050, it is expected to be around 71% and if you add other renewable energy sources like hydro, geothermal power and biomass it could go as high as 80%.

ICO Details
Token creation and release dates: 28 June 2017, audited between 20 June and 27 June
Token sale start date: 28. June 2017
Total available token supply: 122,707,502 SNC
Tokens in circulation: 109,212,011 SNC (the rest will be released in February)
Amount raised in ICO: USD 2,000,000
ICO price: USD 0.016 / 0.0001 ETH per token
Distribution and usage of proceeds:
Fund raising and token distribution was performed through the Smart Contract announced on SunContract Github and on Ethereum blockchain. Every ETH sent to the smart contract resulted in newly created 10,000 SNC tokens. The process was automatized and every contributor received tokens few minutes after Smart Contract received ETH. Tokens were released for transfers one week after the token sale.

Related Information
Official website:
Whitepaper: whitepaper.pdf

Disclaimer: this document is written with the information from the official whitepaper, to provide investors an overview of the token. The information in this document is collected legally. We make every effort to provide complete and accurate information. However, we do not guarantee accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequencing of the information. This information is not to be regarded as investment advice, or legal proof or evidence.


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