Digital Assets    |      2020-07-22

Basic Information

Name of Project: AERGO

Ticker: AERGO



AERGO is an open-source hybrid blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency AERGO. Aimed at enterprise and government level use cases, it combines aspects of public (trust/decentralised) and private (performance/control) technologies. The AERGO platform provides a set of infrastructure components for enterprises and developers to host blockchain applications based on the AERGO Chain. AERGO offers a smart contract engine supporting Lua and SQL, and also a number of features such as distributed version and concurrency control.

Enterprise clients will need to use the AERGO utility token to acquire extra application services from other third parties. Additionally, all of Blocko’s (Samsung-backed) future services will be based on the new AERGO Enterprise products that requires AERGO tokens to work.

An example use case in production using AERGO includes a solution adopted by Lotte Card for over 25 million users for fingerprint credit card verifications. The solution is built using a version of AERGO’s Lua smart contracts with SQL integration. Other clients using AERGO-based solutions include Hyundai Motor Group, Korea Stock Exchange, Shinhan Bank, POSCO, and more.



Total supply: 500,000,000 AERGO

Total circulation: 264,019,890 AERGO (7/20/2020)


Other Information

Official website:


Quarterly report:



This document is compiled from the official whitepaper and relevant documents provided by the project team to provide investors an overview of the cryptocurrency. The information contained in this document is collected legally. We make every effort to provide reliable, complete and accurate information. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. The information shall not be regarded as advice, legal proof or evidence, whether explicit or implied.

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