Xensor (XSR)

 Digital Assets    |      2020-08-04

Basic Information

Name of Project: Xensor

Ticker: XSR



A typical building requires hundreds of surveillance points that were traditionally checked by manual labor and more recently by extensive cable networking that required lofty financial investment. Xensor solves both these issues by creating wireless IoT networks, composed of its self-made gateways and sensors, that span the radius of 15km from a single gateway which can communicate across barriers. Xensor, a business that previously developed and manufactured IoT sensor hardware, adapted blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ecology to solve the two ever-looming problems of IoTs: frail security, and high investment as well as maintenance costs. Xensor project has elevated the efficiency of data storage and transactions by automating specific points of data management, and has simultaneously lowered the cost of constructing IoT communication networks.

Xensor tokens (XSR) will be used to trade the data gathered from the aforementioned IoT network among interested parties on the decentralized data market created by Xensor. XSR tokens will also be mineable via Xensor hardware whose owners will be compensated for opting to offer data. XSR tokens may also be used to purchase services rendered by Xensor, including solution services, hardware maintenance, hardware purchase, and communication network services.



Total supply: 4,800,000,000 XSR

Total circulation: 1,076,395,319 XSR (8/4/2020)


Other Information

Official website: https://xensor.cc/index_en.html

Whitepaper: http://xenix.net/docs/xensor_whitepaper_en_cp.pdf



This document is compiled from the official whitepaper and relevant documents provided by the project team to provide investors an overview of the cryptocurrency. The information contained in this document is collected legally. We make every effort to provide reliable, complete and accurate information. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. The information shall not be regarded as advice, legal proof or evidence, whether explicit or implied.

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