About En-Tan-Mo (ETM)- Third Project of OK Jumpstart

 Digital Assets    |      2019-06-04


En-Tan-Mo is a next-generation public chain project, which first proposes and realizes SHD completeness.


Based on Nash equilibrium and the idea of value transfer, the core En-Tan-Mo team includes Prof. Thomas Sargent, the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics, Professor Sheldon Lee Glashow, the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist, as well as scholars from California Institute of Technology and some other famous institutes who realized SHD completeness by innovatively incorporating game theory in blockchain development.

En-Tan-Mo is not only a blockchain-based platform, an operating system with the capacity to carry hundreds of millions of users, but also an ecosystem that connects finance, energy, business and people’s lives and a next-generation Internet platform for free value transfer.

Project nameEn-Tan-Mo



Issued date:April 26, 2019

Total Supply:500 million ETM Tokens

Official Websitewww.entanmo.com


OK Jumpstart Token Sale Price1 ETM Token= $0.1

Private Sale Price: 1 ETM Token= $0.15

Private sale date: May, 2018

Seed funding round:En-Tan-Mo was invested by founder team of 500.com and Beijing Zhongjin Huicai Investment Management Co., Ltd, with Tokens equivalent of 7.1 million dollars.

Private equity round: En-Tan-Mo was invested by Encrypted Vision Capital, Collinstar Capital, Bitlink Capital, and Wuhan Siwei Mofang Technology Investment Co., Ltd., etc., with Tokens equivalent of 2.84 million dollars.

Lock-up Schedule:

Let's set the month when ETM goes to an exchange as month T. We will start to issue Tokens from month T+3 for the first time with 2.5 million ETM Tokens. And 3.75 million ETM Tokens will be issued from month T+4 to month T+7 each month. In the later seven months from month T +8 to month T+14, 7.5 million ETM Tokens will be issued each month. The total lock period is set as 15 months.

Seed funding round:as shown on the lock-up schedule above

Private equity round: as shown on the lock-up schedule above

Distribution & Lock-up Period:

 1.48% Tokens will be reserved as awards for mining and 5% Tokens will be reserved as awards for DPoS voting. Mining will not be available until ETM goes to main net.

 2.5% Tokens will be offered to our foundation ecosystem and user community construction. They will be issued after ETM goes to main net with no lock-up.

 3.The seed funding will raise 14% Tokens. Details are shown on the lock-up schedule above.

 4.The fundation will raise 18% Tokens.

 5.The ETM team will be rewarded 10% Tokens. This part will be unlocked two years after ETM goes to an exchange . And they will be unlocked in two years with a half each year.

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