ZenCash (ZEN)

 Digital Assets    |      2018-01-30

Basic Information
English name of Token: ZenCash
Ticker of Token: ZEN
Chinese name of Token: N/A
Country of Incorporation: United States
Investors:Privacy-focused individuals
Industry&Facts & figures:
Money, messaging, distributed internet, file storage.
 Whitepaper status: 80% complete
 Secure Nodes with paid operators: 5,600+
 Wallets: 6 available to market
 Research & Development: 2 active projects with Input Output Honk Kong (IOHK)


Description of the project:
ZenCash is a multi-facetted platform that includes a cutting edge cryptocurrency, embedded messaging protocol, and a document publishing service with a self-sustaining funding model to allow for additional development. ZenCash's technology is based on zero knowledge proofs zk-SNARKS with resilient secure nodes around the globe, end-to-end node encryption, and set of economic models and game theory to incentives participants within the ZenCash ecosystem. ZenCash is now partnered with IOHK scientists for a series of research & development projects for a DAO governance and an innovative scalability approach investigating the first ever directed acyclic graph (DAG) blockchain upgrade for a zero knowledge cryptography protocol.


Token Details:
Total available supply: 21 million ZEN
Tokens in circulation: 2,977,663 ZEN (as of Friday Jan 12th 2018)


Token distribution:
ZenCash did not ICO and did not pre-mine. ZenCash has a sustainable funding model which siphens 8.5% of mining block rewards into a non-profit organization pool used for salaries, continued development, research and development, and marketing.


Other Information
Official site: https://zensystem.io/
Whitepaper: https://zensystem.io/assets/Zen%20White%20Paper.pdf


This document is compiled from the official whitepaper and relevant documents provided by the token team, to provide investors an overview of the token. The information in this document is collected through formal legal channels. We make every effort to provide complete and accurate information. However, we do not guarantee accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequencing of the information. This information is not to be regarded as investment advice, or legal proof, or evidence.

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